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Empowered by TAFE NSW

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After completing a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts at TAFE NSW Campbelltown, visual artist Marwa Charmand’s unique works were exhibited in numerous galleries. She also forged a successful career as a freelancer in the graphic design industry over several years, working with the likes of Aldi, Costco, and Big W.

Vivid festival hosts artists for social change

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As part of Vivid Visual Arts Festival in Sydney, Young Artist Marwa charmand was chosen to present a series of paintings to illustrate some of war and conflict moments around the world.

6 min 49 sec

Language: Arabic


Designing Controversy

A thesis that examines controversy within visual culture and the vital roles that are played to contribute in the creation of a controversial image.

Cause & Effect Artist Talk

Launch night & artist showcase
Saturday 27 May 2017

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