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Marwa Charmand is a Western Sydney visual artist, graphic designer and teacher. For over a decade she has dedicated her artist career focusing on communities affected by war. Her aim is to bring the global urban warfare right to the doorstep of audiences who are geographically removed from conflict and many of whom have never experienced it.

This topic not only inspires her to create but also inspires her to pay homage to her own family affected by warfare and the resilience they have shown over the years. Through drawing and painting Marwa highlights regions that she considers having been neglected and forgotten, hoping to create awareness and shift attitudes to the devastating impacts of urban war.

Throughout her years as an artist Marwa has exhibited in numerous galleries across Australia  including Casula Powerhouse, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Islamic Museum of Australia and Logan Art Gallery. In 2017, she was one of six artists selected across Australia to participate in the Vivid Ideas Cause & Effect exhibition.

Early in 2018, Marwa travelled to the border wall of Lebanon and Palestine. Under the eye of an Israeli camera, she produced two new works that focused on war and injustice. The work was planned well in advance and required help of the local people to reach the border wall.


In 2022, her drawing #SilentProtest received first prize in the drawing category for the Liverpool Art Society Exhibition.


Although diversity is now being shown in the arts, she believes we still have a long way to go. Not only for her community but also outer communities who have assumptions about the people of Western Sydney.


Marwa believes her ideas are valuable to share with the local community to show that people from a diverse background (and women) can be creative, can question ideas and don’t always have to play it safe. It also shows the creativity that comes out of Western Sydney and all the great things they have to offer. Marwa aims to encourage young diverse creatives to take more action in the arts and show them that all stories, including confronting ones need to be told.

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